Appeal to Computing Teachers

I’ve just send the email below to lead teachers I know of, and thought I’d reproduce it here in case anyone is still tuned in…

You will probably be aware of several concerns over the direction (and even future) of Computing courses in Scotland recently. Much of these were obvious at a recent SQA/ES seminar in Stirling and on CompEdNet recently.

Because of these concerns which I share, I am sending this email to encourage you to join a grass-roots organisation called CAS Scotland. This was formerly known as “SIoCE” (started by David Coull a couple of years back).

Full instructions for joining CAS Scotland are available here:

In a nutshell however, if you are subscribed to CompEdNet ( you can join by hitting the request membership button beside the CAS Scotland group.

Why do I think this is so important?

  • CAS Scotland allows all computing teachers to speak with one voice. If enough people sign up we can go to the important players in education (Scottish Government, Education Scotland, SQA, etc) and represent the views of computing teachers with a powerful voice.
  • CAS are working on a series of short, medium and long-term plans that I am confident will lead to improvements in the quality of Computing Science education and the availability of relevant CPD to bring all of our skills up to scratch for CfE. These plans will only succeed with the support – and input – of the profession however.
  • We must raise the profile and priority of Computing Science with curruculum planners, headteachers and guidance; CAS Scotland is the only realistic option of doing this in a coordinated way.
  • Please act on your concerns and join CAS Scotland today. Feel free to forward this email on to your colleagues/re-hash as necessary and basically encourage all computing teachers to join up – before there’s none of us left to join up!!!



N.B. If you were previously a member of SIoCE your membership has unfotunately not transferred to CAS Scotland due to incompatabilities with the two mailing systems used. Please sign up to CAS Scotland via CompEdNet.

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