About MUN

What is MUN?

Delegates at an MUN conference take on the role of representatives of UN member states in various committees, debating current global issues from their country’s viewpoint.

MUN combines first line research; summarising of information; succinct writing of Resolutions; negotiation; debate; political and background knowledge of country-based and world affairs; confidence building; public speaking; social and diplomatic skills; empathising with others’ viewpoint and defending of the delegates’ own.

A lot of serious preparation is needed, but enthusiastic delegates not only enhance their knowledge of the world, they also develop excellent communication and social skills.  Pupils come away from conferences with new found confidence and many new friends and contacts.

The Conference

The day begins with a formal opening ceremony, after which delegates are dismissed to separate committees for lobbying and debate.  Committee Chairs select resolutions to be debated throughout the day, each debate being concluded with a vote, leading to the resolution passing or failing.

In the afternoon, all the committees will be called together for an Emergency Debate in General Assembly, which is designed to test delegates’ ability to react rationally and quickly to developing situations.

The day will conclude with a closing ceremony, during which exceptional contributions from individual delegates and countries will be recognised and celebrated.