We learned that synonyms are words that mean the same as another word. We wanted to use this knowledge to help expand our vocabulary.


We used the task ‘Said is Dead’ to try to avoid using the word said in our own writing. Here are some different words we can use instead:




After the first task we then tried to up level the following story. using-a-thesaurus


Here is what some of us came up with:







The Bottle Flip Challenge 

P6 have been driving Mr. Andrew ‘crazy’ with the latest craze, ‘The Bottle Flip’. Inspired by another teacher and class, we decided we could use this as a fun way to develop our learning. We decided to perform bottle flips in PE and see how it helped us learn. To do this, we use the Significant Aspects of learning.


We were surprised by how many of our skills we needed to perform a bottle flip.


Have a look at our work below…


img_0818 img_0819 img_0820 img_0821

Thanks to Fionn for being our excellent camera man and thanks to @MrMcMahonTPS for the excellent idea.

Alma Video

Today we discussed deduction and looked at messages, feelings and moods. We also used our prior knowledge of inference to help us.


To look at deduction we watched the animation ‘Alma’.


In class we had many theories about the video but didn’t have time to discuss everyone’s theory. Please add your theory of the video below.