Internet Safety

P6 have been working very hard to teach others about staying safe online. This week we have conducted some research and have been making posters, presentations and digital documents to inform others.


Below are a few pictures of this research in action.


We will be displaying our posters online and around the school for Safer Internet Day on the 7th of Feb 2017. 


Oor Wullie

To start of our work in Scots Language we used the following website to create comic strips of Oor Wullie. We also designed our own comics for a writing task.



Please note that you can only view these documents if you have an edubuzz account and are signed in. 

bens work


oor wullie by Rory

oor wulie by Ellis


I only chose a few examples because they were quite similar. Everyone worked hard during this whole lesson though.


We also had an extra bonus of learning how to copy information from the screen using the snipping tool.

Class layout opinion

Today we used Google Forms to collect our class opinion on the layout of our classroom. Last term we set out our tables in rows instead of the groups we were used to. 

Below are some screenshots of our responses. We give our opinion a lot in P6 and we mainly use printed off question sheets. Using Google Forms was much easier as Mr. Andrew could quickly see our responses. We also saved paper and printing costs.


Our opinions make for very interesting reading and Mr. Andrew will think carefully about our answers when thinking about the term ahead.






Making our horseshoes for the Christmas Bazaar

We know the Christmas Bazaar was a while back but the run up to Christmas was a busy time so blogging suffered slightly. Never mind, we are in 2017 now and are starting as we mean to go on with sharing our learning.


We put a lot of work into our horseshoes so its only right we show it off!

We would also like to take the time to say a huge thank you to all the parents and carers who supported us. We sold every single horseshoe we made, raising money for the PTA to help our school.


The first stage of our horseshoe production was finding out which chemical best cleaned the rust off of metal. The horseshoes we were given were very rusty and needed to be cleaned. We had to use our scientific skills to find this out.


We carried out a fair test in which we only changed the chemical used. We had to keep the volume of liquid, the amount of time soaking in the liquid and the number of scrubs the same to make sure we were proper scientists.

Here are some photos of us preparing and measuring the liquids.


Based on our research we decided to try fresh lemon juice, white vinegar and apple cider vinegar to clean the metal.









We found out that the apple cider vinegar was the most effective chemical to clean the metal. This made our classroom very smelly, but it was all in the name of science! 


After the experiment, we filled many trays with the apple cider vinegar and then left them to steep over the weekend.


The next week we then cleaned off all the residue with hot, soapy water. It was messy but fun work.


Here are some videos below.






After this stage we used our artistic skills to design our horseshoes on paper. We then (with the help of Mrs. Kenderdine) used the materials to decorate our horseshoes. This really brought them to life and everyone was amazed with how they turned out. Sadly, we don’t have any photos of this process as we were so busy trying to get them finished!

We are sure you enjoyed the finished product at home and we hope you use them to bring some festivity to your homes for many years to come.


We would also like to take this chance to thank Mrs. Kenderinde for all her help with this project. She is very creative and has wonderful ideas.

Thank you for reading and all the best for 2017.


Mr Andrew and Primary 6.