Mr.Andrew And P6’s Burns Lunch

On the 27th of January P6 Organized A Burns Lunch with the help of Mr.Andrew and Mrs. Kenderdine! We had LOTS of fun organizing it even though it was hard it was still fun! It was also very organized and Jessica got a shock when she had to get up and sing killiecrankie by the Corries!

Here is a video to remember our day made by Becky, Katie and Liam M.


Instructions: How To Use Google Classroom

In P6 we are experts at using Google Classroom. We hope to extend this to many other classes throughout the school.

As part of our writing task on writing instructions we decided to pass on our knowledge to others.


Here were our Learning intentions and Success Criteria:


LI: We are learning to write a set of clear instructions in order.


SC I need to:

Be clear and concise

Write them in order

Use commands



Below are examples of our work. Have a look at all of them as they all offer different tips. P6 have also used the ‘Snipping Tool’ to help show what they were explaining.


Mr Andrew was very impressed with the effort of P6. They showed great knowledge and great technology skills.

Google Classroom Instructions Jane and Brandyn_ Google Classroom Instructions_ Google Classroom Instructions! How to use google classroom by Becky _ jessica_ How To Use Google Classroom For Kids (On A Laptop) How To use google classroom Instructions ‘o’ how to use google classroom instructions for google classroom INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE GOOGLE CLASSROOM BY AO EN Instructions on how to use google classroom



Examples of Pupils Writing

We have some very talented writers in our class who decide to use their spare time at home to type up stories. They mostly use Google Classroom. This means that I am lucky enough for them to share their hard work with me.


Here are a couple of examples


ElectricaldisturbanceKey26byAlisdair – this is is by alder (aged 10)

TheMidnightLocket…– This next one is a joint effort by Katie and Leo (also aged 10).


I am sure you will agree they are very talented. I hope you enjoy their stories.