Martin Luther King Jr – Twinkl

Well, we are now approaching Term 4 and I am reflecting on the January – March Term. What a busy term it was. In St. Gabriel’s we had an even more busy time than usual as our whole school was preparing for our 50th Anniversary. Our show, mass and party were all a huge success. You can see for yourself here:

Despite the term being so busy, I did not want to stop Primary 6’s fantastic learning on our Civil Rights topic The children were so enthusiastic about their learning and have really been displaying a mature attitude towards a sensitive subject. With many afternoons dedicated to school celebrations, I needed a quick lesson that would facilitate good quality learning but, at the same time not require a lot of preparation from the teacher (we can only do so much at once!).

This is when I turned my attention to Twinkl. ¬†There are many resources websites out there for teachers to browse through. In recent years however, Twinkl has been my ‘go to’ resource site. The main reason for this is Twinkl is full of teacher created resources, tailored to whichever context or country you are teaching in. As a Scottish teacher, it is more difficult to find resources that are specifically tied into Curriculum for Excellence and Twinkl ticks that box. Twinkl also has a huge catalogue of resources so be careful, you can spend hours looking through all of their stuff!

That said, it is also easy to tailor your search if you are in a hurry and that’s exactly what I did.

The children had expressed an interest in learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and I found an excellent comprehension lesson on his life.

What I really liked about this resource was it was clear, to the point and I could differentiate the level of difficulty to suit the needs of individual learners. The fact that Twinkl provided an already differentiate resource saved me bags of time (usually I would have to edit the document myself).

I chose to go with this text for the bulk of my class:

coupled with these questions….

The text and questions started off quite straight forward, before progressing and requiring the children to draw upon more complex skills to answer the questions.


I also decoded to use another level of questions for other children in my class because I felt this would provide a good challenge to them and extend their learning. Here is a snapshot of the more challenging text below.


As you can see, the language used is more complex.

A pet hate of mine when I’m in a hurry is having to compile my own answer sheet for a resource that I have used. Well, Twinkl had that covered as well. With three answer sheets for each level of questions. Any teacher would agree on how helpful it is to have this. It is also part of the same pdf file so no frustrating moments of losing the answer book (or a fellow teacher¬†‘borrowing’ it).


If you are unhappy with any aspect of the resource you are using you can also feedback to Twink and ask them to update the document so it suits you better. There are also sometimes options for you to open as a word file so you can quickly tailor it to your own class as well.

Anyway, I should probably wrap this up, sorry teachers like to ramble.

In short, I needed a high quality resource that was differentiated at a busy time of the year (are there any quiets parts of the year?). I was able to quickly search Twinkl, find a resources and know that the learning would not be compromised as they have resources that are already high quality and most importantly, created by teachers.

Thank you Twinkl, you have saved me so much time again. I would strongly recommend getting a paid subscription with Twinkl as the additional resources are well worth the money. Twinkl provided me with a free platinum subscription in return for writing this post and let me tell you I was amazed with the amount of resources I now had access to.

I loved the resource and am looking forward to using more. Here are some pictures of the most important critics – the children-using the resource. P6 not only liked using the resource but more importantly got real, meaningful learning from it.