Fidget Spinners

Ah, fidget spinners. The latest craze to sweep classrooms and playgrounds around the country. Anyone remember dabbing and the bottle flip?

Anyway, in P6 we aimed to turn the latest craze into a learning opportunity – all with the help from the wonderful people at Twinkl.

We started off our week by trying out the fantastic interactive worksheets on some facts behind the Fidget Spinner. This was something we were really excited about as previously we have tried to answer worksheets in pdf format on our netbooks and it has been pretty messy. To our delight we found that Twinkl have now started to offer pdf files which you can type straight on to. We loved using them compared to normal worksheets – think of the trees we have saved!


There were a few issues with how to store and send the final document – but that is a teaching point for me to iron out, the resource is solid.


Here are some examples of our work that day:




This was a great start to our learning for the week.


On Wednesday we decided to put our maths and science skills to the test, aiming to see how changing the angle of the spinner changed the duration of the spin.


We worked in pairs to spin the spinner five times with our right hand and five times with our left hand. We also investigated how changing the angle from 180 degrees to 45 degrees changed the spin duration.


We tried our best to make it a fair test so made sure we used similar power on each spin and kept the person who was spinning and the spinner used the same. We also made sure that we didn’t spin it on the desk as friction would slow it down.


We used stop watches to record the time (we then had to convert each time into seconds) then we worked out an average of each hand at both angles. We did this by adding up all the time in seconds and dividing it by the 5 spins.


Once we recorded all of our spins we thought about our results.


Here are some photos of us in action…

Here is an example of the fabulous resource from Twinkl (I edited it slightly to make it more suitable for P6).


So, all in all we had a fabulous day of learning. We used our maths, science and technology skills. Thanks again Twinkl – be sure to check out their variety of resources on Fidget Spinners. We are going to design our own tomorrow.


Also, look out for a couple of guest blog posts by our own pupils and check out a video on our school Twitter page.

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19 thoughts on “Fidget Spinners

  1. Wow! Thank you p6, I’m so glad you enjoyed our fidget spinner resources! The new Twinkl Go online sheets are great for saving trees and who doesn’t love working on the computer more?

    We would love to hear more about your learning, especially with our resources!

    Gill from Twinkl Scotland

  2. Having the times, and knowing how to find the Circumference, we can presumably calculate the speed in meters per second? How fast do these things go?

  3. Hi, thank you so much for sharing your fantastic work- isn’t it amazing how much learning can come from a craze? I’m sure your hard work will inspire many other classes. Keep up the great work. Kat @twinklresources Are you planning to make your own too? My class made some from Knex during the wet breaktimes today .

    • Thanks Kat. Sounds great. We are going to use the Twinkl resource to make our own tomorrow. Watch this space

  4. Well done P6!! Can’t wait to see what you have discovered. Even over in Barga playground today we were having a fidget toy spin off against the Italians!!!
    Missing you all
    Mrs Kenderdine x

  5. Fabulous work, Mr Andrew. We used a twinkl resource about fidget spinners as comprehension homework for P2’s this week. I’ve never seen them so enthusiastic about homework! ????

  6. Great learning taking place and good to see children so engaged…think this might be a good lesson for my P6 children. Great resources too!

  7. I am loving how engrossed the children looked while investigating the fidget spinners. What a great way to make STEM more relevant to all and I’m sure all the P6 pupils will learn so much.

  8. Well done Mr Andrew and P6 loving the hard work how lucky are you all learning while having fun. Will steal your ideas P6 for my p5/6 they will love this.
    Thank you for sharing.

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