Archaeological Dig at Cockenzie

The following Blog was written by Erin and Daniel:

This is our Primary 6 class blog about our dig at Cockrnzie. First we walk to Cockenzie House we all felt very excited .


When we got there we were taught about how salt was made

Then we split into groups one of us dug the others cleaned the finds


When we were digging we used two tools and a brush for the dig. We found a lot of things like rings and one of us actually  found a railway sleeper when we were there it was awesome. We all loved it. The people who were washing the findings used toothbrushes to clean everything. Once we had done all of the activities every one  drew a picture of the people who used to make salt


After that we got the chance to dress up in Victorian clothes.



To have some fun the Victorian shot his gun. I loved it. The gun was so loud I got a fright. Walking back  was fun because we were all talking about the trip. So overall, we had a really great time.