Online KWL Grid for Natural disasters

Instead of us all creating 27 separate KWL grids in our jotters we decided to create an online collaborative one using Padlet.

We worked in pairs to post what we knew, what we wanted to know and will continue to add to what we have learned throughout the topic. This is quite a powerful way to share our learning as people can answer our questions as a comment.


Please feel free to add your own questions (you will see them once I have approved it so do not worry if it does not appear right away).


Below is a preview of our work. If you want to see the ‘live’ version that you can contribute too please click the link below the picture.


P7 Natural disasters KWL

1 thought on “Online KWL Grid for Natural disasters

  1. This is really Good Luca was explaining this to me last night and we spoke about Tsunamis
    Marco and I had left Koh PiPi not long before the one that devastated that part of Asia.

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