Cool to follow the rules!

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P5R/D have really been trying hard to set good standards in behaviour and show a good attitude towards their work. They have been collecting a sticker at the end of the day if they have managed to be cool! Some children have already earned a praise pad for earning 10 stickers already! The chart is looking good!

We also have a ‘Who can beat the AR train chart?’ Each child will add their next AR level when they have achieved 2 100% in their reading tests. This will move them along the track. When they reach the end of the line they will achieve another reward.

Reward to be negotiated with the children!


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P5R/D have been looking at one or two fashions from 2000-2005. If they have any of the following items at home can they  please  bring them in?

1. aviator sunglasses

2. mini tiered skirt

3. trucker cap

4. prairie skirt

5. midriff t- shirt


What a Start!

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Primary 5R/D have been working really well on team work activities. They have come up with a group name for their table, worked out mental maths sums, written postcards  and begun their Accelerated reading . Two children have already achieved 100% in their tests! They are looking forward to working on the 40th anniversary celebrations. The Responsible Citizens have been carrying out their jobs in the classroom and we already have a Star Pupil. Many activities were enjoyed during Golden Time including chess, Guess Who? game, role- playing  with a castle and knights, making cards and role- playing shops with food. The table with the most points chose an item out of the Golden Box.

As you can see,  they have already been busy bees!

Rugby Taster

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P5R had a great time learning to pass the ball backwards in rugby. Their next step will be to keep running as they pass the ball! The children were enthusiastic and did not seem to mind the cold weather!

P5RJohn Muir Visit

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P5R enjoyed a trip to John Muir’s Birthplace. They found out many things about the man using touch button technology, televisions, interactive activities, written information, wax models, artefacts and pictures. The children were able to write and draw information about him and give information feedback to Paula our guide for the morning.

Primary 5R Busy Bees

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P5R have been really busy with different trips and specialist visitors. Shonagh and Marjorie have been teaching drama through John Muir and Mary Queen of Scots.


We have also been learning about a local artist John Bellany. We were lucky enough to visit his exhibition at the Scottish Gallery. As a follow up Abbie and Haleh two artists came to do a follow up activity in school. Our work will be displayed at Prestongrange museum.

As part of our sound topic we had a visit from Generation Science who taught the children all about sound. The children were involved the whole time and took part in many activities.

Our next trip is to John Muir’s birthplace on Thursday.


Hello world!

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