Health and Food Technology

Upcoming trips:

  • September:  Visit to Yester Farm in Gifford, East Lothian.
  • TBC: Visit to Breadshare

This Higher and National 5 course is made up of 3 Units which are all assessed using SQA Assessments.

The Units are:

Food For Health – this unit involves mainly nutrition. Students will cover topics such as the functions and sources of nutrients, the Scottish Dietary Targets and Dietary diseases. Pupils will cook once a week during this unit. It will be assessed using the SQA assessment booklets.

Food Product Development – this unit involves learning about the different functional properties of food e.g. the role of sugar in a baked product. Also, students will learn about the Food product development stages. The assessment in this unit is produced by the SQA and students will be required to make their own food product.

Contemporary Food Issues – this unit involves students learning about ‘contemporary food issues’ such as Organic and genetically modified foods. Again, the assessment has been produced by the SQA and pupils will be asked to produce a dish which addresses a particular food issue.


Students will sit a written exam paper.

Students must also sit an assignment which will be sent to the SQA for marking and this will count towards their final grade.


Food, Textiles and Care