This course is aimed at those pupils who wish to further develop their practical skills within Home Economics. The course would be ideal for those who wish a career in the Hospitality industry or who are interested in joining the Hospitality and Tourism Academy. Within this course pupils will learn a range of survival skills which will be ideal for when the time comes to leave home, whether getting their own place or going to University or college.

We will be offering a range of National 4/5 units from the Hospitality Practical cookery course. Various topics will be covered, some of which we have listed below:

  • Selecting and costing ingredients for a starters, main courses and desserts.
  • Producing dishes using recipes and sticking to time plans.
  • Controlling stages of cookery processes e.g. testing for readiness.
  • Presenting and garnishing and decorating dishes – input from a local chef.
  • Evaluating dishes in terms of presentation, taste and texture.
  • Using appropriate food preparation techniques and equipment.
  • Correct storage of foods.
  •  Scottish dietary goals – change recipes to make them healthier

Food, Textiles and Care