Dinosaurs and Archaeologists @ Musselburgh Burgh

Yesterday I visited Primary 2a and 2b at Musselburgh Burgh. The classes are experts on Dinosaurs. We had fun thinking about what we might put in a dinosaur museum. We watched this video about a boy visiting a dinosaur museum in America:

Dinosaur Museum visit

With P3 we had fun becoming Archaeologists. P3 are studying Egypt and knew all about mummies! We had a go at uncovering some mystery objects hidden under sand using paintbrushes. There were all different things including bones, pottery, an Egyptian necklace and pipes! We also looked at the young woman who was found at Abbeymains Farm, just outside Haddington. We discussed why she might have been buried with a pig bone. Do you know why? I’m going to visit P3/4 this afternoon.

Abbeymains Farm Burial Site

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