Musselburgh Burgh’s Egyptian Open Day

I visited Musselburgh Burgh’s Egyptian Open Day yesterday. It was fantastic. In the Egyptian Museum, I was able to see pyramids, canopic jars, scarab beetles and lots of mummies! I took along some of my work colleagues from Archives and Museums and they really enjoyed it too. Their favourite things included making their own jewellery, writing a cartouche and digging for Egyptian objects!

Well done to all the pupils and teachers involved! They received an ‘Official Museum’ certificate which they are now displaying in the corridor outside the P3 and P3/4 classes.

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3 Responses to Musselburgh Burgh’s Egyptian Open Day

  1. Helen Bleck says:

    I had a fab time at the Open Day yesterday – I particularly enjoyed the stories about Isis and Osiris that were read to me, I didn’t know them before! And I loved looking inside the pyramids and seeing the sarcophagi with their wrapped up mummies inside! Gruesome 🙂 It was a lot of fun, and I was very impressed.
    Helen (from the Museums Service)

  2. Caroline Mathers says:

    I went along to Egyptian open day yesterday and it was fantastic! The classes did an amazing job of the displays and there were lots of fun activites; I made a bit of Egyptian style bling in the form of an armlet with lots of shiny things stuck to it! The kids were really knowledgeable and told me all about how to mummify a body – first off, take the organs out (except the heart) and stick them in a jar – as blasé as if they were explaining how to make a sandwich! Well done Sarah and all the kids and teachers at Musselburgh Burgh Primary.

  3. Frances Woodrow says:

    Had lots of fun at the Egyptian museum yesterday. The displays were excellent and all the kids were really friendly and helpful. Loved making my cartouche and i’ve pinned it up on my desk. Might save my egyptian collar to wear on Christmas Day! Thanks for letting me visit.
    Fran (East Lothian Archives Service)

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