Another busy week!

Well, it’s been another busy week! Alice, our work experience pupil from last week, had such a busy time and her blog has been one of our most read ever! Aberlady P5/6 have written a blog about Alice and I’s visit to their classroom, with a lovely photo slideshow!

On Monday this week I visited Wallyford P7, who are making a museum on Scottish History in their library. They had already made a Mary Queen of Scots figure, Robert Burns, William Wallace’s Sword and a plan of Wallyford. It’s going to look amazing when it’s finished. They had also visited museums in Edinburgh to find out more!

IĀ also visited Pinkie St Peter’s Viking Museums on Tuesday. They had done so much work on putting them together and everyone had something really interesting to tell me about Vikings. I found out that Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets! Both P3 and P3/4 were awarded an official classroom museum certificate.

If you’re thinking about making a classroom museum, why not check out the new Google Art Project which lets you have access, from your classroom, right into some of the world’s most famous museums! It doesn’t beat some of the classroom museums across East Lothian though!

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