Macmerry Primary’s Dinosaur Museum

Last Friday I visited P2/3’s Dinosaur Museum at Macmerry Primary. It was fantastic! I was able to go round and speak to someone at each table about different dinosaurs. The ‘staff’ in the museum told me about some dinosaurs I’d never heard of before! Just like other museums, there were things I was allowed to touch and some things I weren’t. There was also lots of information I could read about each dinosaur.

Some of my favourite facts I found out were:

A lovely thank you note

  • Velociraptor means ‘speedy thief’
  • Triceratops used it’s three horns to charge at predators
  • Pterodactyls had leathery skin

P2/3 sent me some lovely letters which you can see here!

Well done P2/3 and Ms Pouso!

If you are interested in dinosaurs, you

I certainly did Toby!

 can check out P2/3’s e-learning resources on their blog.

What a lovely dinosaur!

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