Budding Museum Security Guards Take Note!!

Sometimes classes are really interested to know if anyone ever steals anything from museums. I’m usually able to say, thankfully, no not from our museums. However, this week there have been two big stories about people trying to steal things from museums I thought I should share with you.

First of all, at Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, on Sunday afternoon someone took one of their bronze sculptures. It wasn’t huge so someone could have carried it out without it being noticed. Bronze is valuable so they must have wanted to sell it on to make money. But thanks to a tip off from a member of the public, they’ve been able to find it again!
You can read and watch what happened here, then you can read how the Police recovered it here!

The other story this week came from Norwich Castle, where a group of robbers tried to take Rhino horns from the museum! Rhino horns are very valuable and in the past year, there have been at least 20 robberies from museums across Europe. You can read more about this here. Museums are now being advised to replace their real Rhino horns on display with fake ones. In Norwich Castle, the real ones were still on display and the thieves smashed the case and managed to get them out. Luckily, one of the staff managed to trip up the thieves who fell over and dropped the Rhino horn. The staff were able to get it back and the thieves ran off to their get away car. Phew! You can read all about the dramatic story here.

So a very dramatic week for museums!

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