Macmerry’s Museum Down Under!

A busy museum (and Kevin the Koala in the corner!)

On Tuesday I went to visit Miss Murphy’s P5/6 class at Macmerry Primary. The class had been learning about Australia, and after writing a letter to ask people for objects about the topic, decided they were going to make a museum. I went along to see what objects they had and to help them turn it into a museum. I took along some plastic stands, a model head and some label holders for them to use.

Playing a game about Australiaand writing in the comments book

We divided up into groups of designers, managers, ICT staff and technicians and then set about laying out their classroom as a museum. It very quickly took shape and by the time the bell rang it was looking good!

I then left them to finish off their museum on Wednesday and they had their opening this morning. They’ve sent me through some photos, which I’m sure you’ll agree, shows it was very popular and looked fantastic! Well done P5/6!

Looking at a dangerous snake!

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