S1 Course

All pupils in S1 will develop their performing, composing, understanding music and music technology skills through a variety of ways.  Pupils receive music for one hour a week.


All pupils will have the opportunity to experience the following instruments through class group performances of different styles of music.

  • Keyboard
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Guitar
  • Voice

Understanding Music

Pupils will regularly listen to different styles of music and learn music specific vocabulary relating to it. They will also develop their knowledge of music theory on a weekly basis to reinforce performing and composing skills as well as develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Composing Skills

Pupils will have the chance to write their own piece of music working in pairs.   They will get to explore different instrument sounds and use their knowledge of music theory to notate it.  Pupils may also get the opportunity to use the notating software Sibelius.

Music Technology

Pupils will have the chance to explore animation, sound foley and Music in Film through the use of Mixcraft software.


Pupils are given homework in S1 on a fortnightly basis.  The exercises reinforce the work covered in class to allow pupils to become more confident with music theory, understanding musicand instrument knowledge as

Theory Websites

A helpful website for pupils to become more confident a naming notes in the treble and bass clef.


A website with a variety of quizzes to allow pupils to revise their learning in class using fun games and quizzes.



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