S3 Music

Performing Skills

Pupils will have the opportunity to specialise in 2 different instruments or instrument and voice.  Throughout the year pupils are expected to make recordings of pieces they have been working on in class to build up a bank of material.  Pupils are allowed to choose the style of music they would like to play to ensure personalisation and choice.

Understanding Music

Pupils will learn more about music notation and theory as well as different styles of music.  Units covered in S3 are:

  • Vocal Music
  • Scottish Music
  • World Music
  • American Music

Composing Skills

Alongside Understanding Music, pupils will experiment with different styles of composition and also have the opportunity to use different notation software to write down their creations.  Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the following styles of composition

  • Scottish Music – Jig
  • Vocal Music – Songwriting
  • American Music – 12 Bar Blues

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