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Things you must not have in your possession during the exam:

  • mobile phones
  • electronic devices including, but not limited to, music/digital devices, MP3 players, iPods, tablets and smartwatches
  • calculator — except in specified subjects
  • dictionary — except in specified subjects
  • cases — calculator or pencil, etc
  • books, notes, sketches, paper of any kind, or any other prohibited item

When specific or authorised items are needed for use in exams, you must make sure they meet SQA regulations (your teacher or lecturer can advise you about this). If they are electronic items, you must make sure that there is no access to prohibited data or any additional features that are not allowed in the exam.

If you plan to use your own dictionary in the Reading and Writing papers of the Modern Languages exams, this must be checked before the exam. Your teacher or lecturer will be able to tell you how to go about this.

You must not have the following in your possession

SQA rules