Feb 062014

P7W enjoyed the Rugby Festival at Preston Lodge. The all weather pitch was a perfect venue to try out and improve various rugby skills and to try out those skills in the cauldron of real games against other schools.

Many thanks to Lee and his Rugby Development team for a great visit and a big well done to all those who showed great sporting grace during the festival.


Nov 272013

In this blog I will be talking about 3 things, the upcoming Christmas show and rehearsals, the topic that we are doing just now which is kidnapped and P:E..

In P7W everyone who has a performing part in the Christmas show has been working really hard to learn their speaking parts or their dance moves. But everyone else has also been working really hard to learn their songs and to sit quietly. The Christmas show is Hansel and Gretel and it takes place on Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th of December. On Friday it is the Christmas cracker tea where you can come and watch the show while sitting at a table and getting served tea, coffee and cake.

The topic that P7W are doing just now is called Kidnapped. In kidnapped 2 children called Jack Green and Sarah Green go missing and you are the ones who have to try and find them, you only have 24 hours to save them. [24 lessons which are an hour long].To find out who has kidnapped you complete a series of missions and challenges like ‘’The Artist’s Impression.’’  In this you have to draw what you think the person who has kidnapped them looks like.

As well as all this, people have been working extremely hard in PE because Meadowmill is not far away. Meadowmill is an Indoor athletics tournament at Meadowmill Sports Centre. At this tournament there are lots of events like the 8 lap relay, the triple jump, the basketball throw, the standing long jump and the vertical jump. There are 8 spaces available for this tournament but this year only 5 schools are going and one School is sending 2 teams. Why it means there are not an odd number of heats. I will tell you how we did after Wednesday.

By Cameron McDiarmid

Aug 292013

Welcome back to all P7W and welcome to your final year at Prestonpans. We are celebrating the school being open 40 years and any photographs taken of the school or at school that you or your friends have hiding away will be most welcome. Bring them in.

PE will be on Monday and Thursday.


Feb 192013

The start of 2013 has seen Primary 6 looking at Living and Growing topic. We have looked at various lifecycles to understand the connections in life and how species travel into the future.

Below are some examples of our work.