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May 10, 2013

S1 Book Review: ‘Desert Island’ Task – Mrs Rankine/Miss Sumerling

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June 11, 2012

New S5/6 course outline

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31st May 2012

Dear parent/guardian and S5/6 student


Your child is now beginning a new stage of their senior school education in English. All pupils who take Intermediate and Higher English courses must meet all of the deadlines and pass all internal and external assessments to achieve these important qualifications. The following is a list of important dates to remember:


  • June – students will need to complete work in close reading/language skills and in developing skills in critical analysis of literature.


  • August – Students should have completed a programme of personal reading including at least one fiction text and one non-fiction text.


  • Thursday 16th August – Term 1. Students begin literary study.


  • October– Students should have selected a discursive essay topic.


  • Late November – Close Reading unit assessment.


  • December – Submit first draft of discursive folio essay to be retained by class teacher.


  • Late January – English Higher and Intermediate Preliminary Exams.


  • February – Textual Analysis unit assessment and Close Reading Unit assessment re-sit.


  • Late February  –  Submission of final drafts of reflective/creative/discursive folio writing for external assessment by SQA markers. First drafts will be retained by the school as evidence of authenticity.


  • March – Textual Analysis unit assessment re-sit.


  • April – Term 3. Exam preparation and revision.


  • May – English Higher/Intermediate exams.


It is important to be aware that all internal assessments must be complete by the end of Term 2. Pupils will not pass the course without passes in all assessments. In addition to set tasks, students should take responsibility for consolidating notes and reading the quality press.


It is also important that the new folio for Higher and Intermediate courses which was introduced last session must be completed by students in line with SQA arrangements and must be an ‘authentic’ representation of a candidate’s work. The following excerpt from the SQA arrangements documentation makes this clear.


The piece of writing must be unassisted and produced under a system of supervision which guarantees authenticity through a process requiring the candidate to submit the following at appropriate stages:


 draft title and proposals


 outline plan


 first draft


 final version.


I hope this information will prove useful to you. Should you have any queries please contact me at the school via the contact details given above. I would also be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of these arrangements by signing and dating below as appropriate.


Yours faithfully





J. Maxwell (PT Literacy)

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