New Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Portfolio 100 Marks

Practical Art Work – worth 60 marks total

Minimum Sheets 8 x A1 – Maximum 15 xA1 or equivalent. Can also submit sketchbooks.

Critical Analysis – worth 30 marks total

Can be detailed annotations on the portfolio sheets or as a separate document.

Choose either

  • A single art work/ design piece
  • A group of closely related art works/ design pieces


Critical Analysis should be up to 1,700 words. If word count exceeds maximum by 10% a penalty will be applied!

The art/design works you choose must show a clear connection between the critical analysis and your own art work.

Evaluation – worth 10 marks total

The evaluation of your own work should be up to 300 words. 10% over and a penalty will be applied. Present either as annotated comments beside specific pieces on the folio sheets or as a separate document.



Adv Higher Design Assessment info for candidates Appendix 1

Adv Higher Expressive Assessment info for candidatesAppendix 1