S1 Art & Design Course Outline


S1 Art & Design Course Outline (3rd Level)

The Visual Elements and Design Issues will be introduced in this year so that by the end of S1, pupils will be able to show their ability to use line, tone, texture, shape, form, pattern, colour, mood etc as well as producing a critical piece of work about a fine artist and a designer.

Units of work

Induction Day: Illustrate Folders with Illustrated letter.

Expressive: Drawing Test- Shells

Shape, form, tone, colour, pattern, texture

Expressive: Mark making techniques sheet, Colour mixing + painting trials, painting of an apple: shape, form, colour, tone

(Homework -draw another apple in colour pencil)

Expressive: Halloween- pencil drawing of a pumpkin which is added to with crazy Halloween style (using the same principles as the apple drawing to show shape and form)

Expressive: IDL lesson with French- Landscape Painting (on A5 paper)

Line, shape, form, tone, colour, texture, mood.

Linked with Critical piece on the Impressionists

Critical Activity : Expressive- The Impressionists

Pupils will be shown powerpoint and for homework will create a poster/booklet/powerpoint about one of the Impressionist artists- giving a brief biography, showing images of their work and discussing the visual elements used within the chosen image.

Expressive Unit:  Chalk Portraits- line, shape, form, colour, proportion

Expressive Unit: African Mask (Oil Pastel etching) – line, shape, pattern, colour

Design Unit: Ceramic Flat Fish hanging- shape, texture, pattern, colour, function, aesthetics.

Design Unit: 3-D Paper Sculpture Unit -Create a paper bird sculpture based on the work of Diana Beltran Herrera. Shape, Form, Pattern, Colour, Modelling skills

Design Unit: Christmas Decorations- line, tone, texture, pattern, function, aesthetics, costs, materials