S3 Course Outline

Pupils will purchase an Art Pack which will include an A2 plastic folder, sketchbook, pack of drawing pencils, pack of  coloured pencils, rubber and pencil sharpener. Cost is £7.00

3-D Design Unit – Pupils will produce both a Product Design – Ceramic Vessel

and a

Textile Design (Quilted/Embellished/ Appliqued cover for Tablet/Kindle/Laptop)

There will be a £3.00 charge for design unit

Research & Investigation :

  • In your sketchbook create an double page spread of photographic research related to your theme
  • Produce three good quality investigative research drawings related to your theme in your sketchbook.
  • From the drawings choose sections of images and explore the shape/pattern/texture & colour of these sections in greater detail using a range of materials (oil pastel, pen & ink, printmaking, cut paper).
  • Find Market research images : photos of existing design solutions, key shapes.

Development of Ideas: From your research imagery produce

  • At least 3 development ideas for each design area
  • Further develop one idea in detail for each design area
  • Include worked samples

Final Outcome (demonstrating 3D modelling skills) Skills developed – drawing, sewing, embellishing, cut paper techniques, collage, laminating, 3D model making, using lasercutter etc.

Critical Work: Cooperative learning task – Chair design

group info finding task Relevant designers’ work: Design essay

Expressive Unit Theme – Seashore/Kitchen Garden

This unit is divided into lots of short skill based pieces using a range of media and techniques

Portraiture, Built Environment/Landscape, Still life studies related to the theme chosen

Investigation: Self-portrait drawing, landscape painting, natural form drawings, man-made object drawing, reflective object drawing, elliptical object drawing

Painting Outcome: composition combining all/some elements from above

Critical Work: Look at the work of a variety of artists working in different styles.