S3 Design Brief

A&D S3

 Design Brief

Your Design assignment this year is to design and make both a

Textile Design: (quilted/Embellished/Appliqued pouch for tablet/kindle/laptop/storage box

 and a

Product Design: Decorated Ceramic Container

You must use a variety of materials to create the design.

The product is to be sold in the shops either at the Museum of Scotland/ Seabird Centre/Botanic Gardens  (all age groups can be catered for)

Image source ideas for research: Your designs should be based on a theme chosen from the list below

Sea Life, Plants, Flowers, Seed Pods, Birds, Insects, Rainforest, Biological structures


Use the exhibitions/artifacts on show in the MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND/SEABIRD CENTRE/ BOTANIC GARDENS as a starting point:

Other Cultures of the World-

Oceanic Art – Maori, Fiji, Aboriginal

Celtic Art

Oriental Art- Chinese, Japanese, Thai

Indian Art

North & South American Art

Ancient Civilisations, Vikings, Armour

Mechanical objects

Think of interesting shapes, patterns, forms and colours…

The more interesting your Research and Investigation Page, the more inspired you’ll be to create a fantastic product!

You could source ideas from magazines, books, web imagery or your own photos taken at the Museum/ Botanics/ Seabird Centre.

Research and Investigation Page:

  • At least 3 quality drawings using different media
  • Images/photos relating to your chosen theme
  • Market research- Images of existing design solutions from other designers that you like
  • Fixings, measurements, sample
  •  Development:
  • Produce a page in your sketchbook of initial brainstorming of ideas
  • Then develop 3 worked design idea drawings in your sketchbook
  • Sample and experiment with different materials and techniques                                
  • Annotate your ideas  (notes explaining how you could make your idea)
  • You will then take the strongest idea to develop further into a finished 3-D Design piece.
  • Your Final Outcome
  • Must be imaginative, functional, visually effective, well-constructed and created using a variety of materials and techniques.