National 4/5

Welcome to National 4/5 Engineering Science


Engineering Science is the study of how things work and what engineers do. Topics at National 4/5 include analogue and digital electronics, computer control, mechanics, pneumatics, energy, forces and structures. Learners will become familiar with computer control software (PBasic), building practical experiments and solving challenging problems using mathematics.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

  • apply knowledge and understanding of key engineering facts and ideas
  • understand the relationships between engineering, mathematics and science
  • apply skills in analysis, design, construction and evaluation to a range of engineering problems
  • communicate engineering concepts clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology
  • develop an understanding of the role and impact of engineering in changing and influencing our environment and society

This Course will also give learners the opportunity to develop thinking skills and skills in numeracy, employability, enterprise and citizenship.