S2 – Multicultural France

20 06 2018

With the start of the new timetable, our S2 classes have been taking a look past the croissants and wine, to see who the people are that really make up France – which countries have influenced this rich and diverse cultural melting pot, which religions, the spectrum of wealth in French society and its impact on how people interact…and even how sport (in the form of the 1995 France World Cup) can bring countries closer together.

By taking a tongue-in-cheek look at Sami’s story, we have been exploring France as it is today. Here’s a sneak peek:


3, 2, 1…GO!!!

24 03 2017

Welcome to the NBHS Global Citizenship blog!

We believe in preparing our pupils to be citizens of the world, to be active contributors who are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the world around them, to be aware of the major issues and to know how to make a positive difference in the world. Please have a look at what we do to make our world a better place.


Fairtrade Schools Award

24 03 2017


We are a Fairtrade School – in June we were awarded the FairAchiever aware – the highest level in the Fairtrade Schools Award scheme.

What did we do to achieve this? – We had to demonstrate that Fairtrade is embedded in all aspects of school life. We learn about Fairtrade in our subjects, we organise Fairtrade tuck shops and eat lots of Fairtrade chocolate, as well as healthier snacks, we promote Fairtrade products whenever possible, we have sold Fairtrade rice form Malawi,  the staff drink an amazing quantity of Fairtrade coffee and we work with the local community to promote Fairtrade in and around North Berwick. We have designed Fairtrade tea-towels, held a fashion show and  held a mini football tournament using Fairtrade footballs.