Business and Computing


In Business our students learn all about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  This looks at what businesses can do to be more socially aware and environmentally friendly.  By having a good CSR policy businesses can really have a positive impact on the environment and society.  Have a look at the video below to get an idea of what CSR is.

We also learn about Social Enterprises.  These are businesses that have been set up with a social aim and use their profits to create a better society.  Have a look at Social Bite, this is one on the businesses our students research.


In Computing our students learn all about how technology can have a positive and negative impact on the environment.  We as a nation love technology, and are always looking for the next upgrade.  So it important to understand how our technology choices impact on our world.  We look at how technology can be recycled and also how technology can play a pivotal part in helping preserve our environment.  One of our key topics is new emerging green technologies.  These are created to help us with our every day to day tasks, but have less impact on our environment.