Malawi Partnerships


Music for Malawi

As part of Music for Malawi, North Berwick High School’s focal international charity, we have a solid partnership with Katunguwiri Community Day Secondary School. This partnership grew from a seed sown in 2007 and has expanded to include:

A taste of the Magic of Malawi

While visiting Malawi, we spent valuable time with our partners and also visited other community projects, meeting the people of the Warm Heart of Africa and learning why Malawi so thoroughly deserves that name. To get a full flavour of the country and all it can offer, we also experienced some of the reasons why Malawi is a fabulous tourist destination. Here is a video, compiled with professional attention to detail by Grace Holling, to let you experience some of the magic of our last trip in June 2016:

History of Music for Malawi

2007:   Visit to Malawi by Jane Lowe, Teacher of RME.

2008:   Partnership agreement signed.

2009:   Malawi week at NBHS.

Launch of NB Malawi Project.

Mary’s Meals appeal/Backpack collection.

2010:  Liwonde Primary School Kitchen completed.   Music for Malawi visit 1

Involvement with additional Community projects.

2011:  Talks, conferences, fundraising, International  Committee.

2012:  Backpack collection.

2013:  Nancholi Primary School kitchen completed

Music for Malawi visit 2

2014:   Focus on water. Katunguwiri bore hole

2015:   Scotland Malawi partnership youth congress

Backpack collection

2016:   Music for Malawi visit 3