Modern Languages

To learn a modern language at North Berwick High School is to open a door to the world. As such, global citizenship is a fundamental element of language learning. Understanding other cultures and appreciating a different point of view go hand-in-hand with learning about countries where French, Spanish and German are spoken – and there are so very many of them!

Some of our more unusual topic areas include:

  • learning about Francophone countries and multiculturalism (S1 French)
  • celebrations in different countries (all year groups)
  • access to education in the DRC (S2 French)
  • learning about conflict, past and present (S2 French)
  • how new technology influences our lives (S2 French)
  • learning about family life and school life (S3 French, German, Spanish)
  • current topics and issues within the contexts of Society, Education, Culture and Employability (N4, N5, H, AH French, German and Spanish)