The body of knowledge and practice known as mathematics is derived from the contributions of thinkers throughout the ages and across the globe. It gives us a way to understand patterns, to quantify relationships, and to predict the future. Math helps us understand the world — and we use the world to understand math.

A numerical, mathematical analysis of the world around us permeates all cultures, all countries and all areas of life – from election results to populations shifts to environmental issues such as climate change.

At North Berwick High School, we teach maths through a variety of media. While textbook practice plays a crucial role in refining pupils’ numeracy and maths skills, real-world examples of maths in action galvanise interest in maths and allow our pupils to open their eyes more to the world around them, realising their place in the world, and the role that maths has to play in deciphering that world.

Here are some examples of how we deliver global citizenship education through maths:

Climate change

Endangered Species



To illustrate how we can understand the world through maths, here is Roger Antonsen’s TED Talk on the subject: