Staffing Update

August 19, 2017 | Leave a Comment


 There have been staffing changes in almost every faculty of the school, as detailed below:

 Business and Computing

It has taken us many months to find a computing teacher and we are delighted to welcome Mr Murdoch to the Business & Computing faculty.

Design and Technology

Mrs Calder retired at the end of last session and we welcome Mr McCorkindale to a part-time post in the art department. Another new face in the faculty is Mrs Johnson, who joins us as a CDT teacher. Both of our health & food technology teachers, Ms Ballantyne and Mrs Cochrane, have moved on to new schools. Taking over the reins are Mrs MacMillan and Mrs Currie.

Health and Wellbeing

We have welcomed two new PE staff to the faculty: Mr MacDonald, (yes, another Mr Mac in the PE department!), who is covering for Mrs McConville’s maternity leave, and Ms Piaskowski. Mr Moffatt has moved on to another school following his probationary year with us.


Mrs Hughes, Principal Teacher, is not returning to NBHS after her maternity leave as she has been appointed to a similar post in an Edinburgh school. Mrs Brownlee’s post as acting PT has now been made permanent. Following on from this, Ms Anderson has been appointed as a permanent teacher of history and modern studies, and we also welcome Ms McEwan in history. Mr Cochrane has also moved to Edinburgh following his probationary year with us. Mrs Martin is about to go off on maternity leave and her modern studies role will be taken by Ms Johnston.


In the last week of term, Mr Young was appointed to a post in a school in the west of Scotland. Mrs Gibson is currently on maternity leave and Mrs Rankine continues in her seconded post as a Principal Teacher in another school in the authority. Mrs Nathan and Mr Fell are back teaching English with us, and we have been joined by Mr Broadfoot. We are currently going through the recruitment process for Mr Young’s replacement.

Modern Languages

Ms Smith has returned to the faculty on a part-time basis following her maternity leave. Ms Breslin, who was covering the post during this time, is staying on with us this session as a French and Spanish teacher.


Before the end of term, Ms Gunston moved to a post in a school in Edinburgh and Mr Richard has been appointed to the permanent post to replace her. Following Mr Cox’s move to Support for Learning, we have appointed Mrs Woodhead to a post in mathematics. We still have a vacancy for a temporary post in maths and we are currently going through the recruitment process.


Mr Forsyth has moved to a post in another school following his probationary year with us as a chemistry teacher.

Support for Learning

Mrs Andrews, Principal Teacher, retired at the end of the session. Mr Cox, formerly of the maths department, has taken over the role of Principal Teacher. Mrs Gilchrist is reducing her hours as a support for learning teacher this session, and we will be welcoming Ms Johnston in mid-September as a new member of the team.


To those staff who have left NBHS, we send our grateful thanks for all they have done to support our pupils during their time at the school. We also send them our very best wishes for the future, whether on the next step of their career or in their retirement. We will certainly miss them as colleagues at NBHS. I feel very privileged to work in a school with such a wonderful staff team, both teaching and support staff. Every day, it is a pleasure to see the warm relationships between staff and pupils, the positive learning experiences happening in classrooms all over the school, and the many examples of our staff going the extra mile for our pupils.



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