September Update

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For me, it has been a lovely start to the session and I am now very much settled back at North Berwick High School after my year away. It’s a pleasure to be back working with the wonderful staff team at NBHS and, especially, to get to know our pupils again. Our S1 pupils have also been settling into the school – it has not taken them long to find their way around the building and to feel a part of our community. Having joined S1 pupils in assemblies, lessons and activities, I have seen lots of enthusiasm, energy and fun. I’m sure they’re going to be a great year group as they move through the school.



We are delighted to welcome some new members of staff to the school this session:

Design & technology – Ms Cairns (art teacher)

Humanities – Ms Coan (psychology teacher); Ms McGuckin (RME teacher)

Literacy – Mrs Anderson (English teacher)

Modern languages – Mrs Gerhardy (teacher)

Numeracy – Mr Lawson (maths teacher)

PE – Mr Smith (teacher)

Science – Mr Clark (biology teacher); Mrs Hill (lab assistant); Mrs Keating (biology teacher)

We are currently recruiting for teachers in the following areas: drama, English, maths, PE, pupil support. I will update you as new staff take up their posts.


Dress Code

Since returning to NBHS, I have been very pleased to see how smart our pupils are. The majority of our pupils seem to take real pride in following the dress code – I have even had two members of the public contact me to let me know they have noticed how smart pupils are. Details of our dress code can be found on the school website. We are keen to ensure that the dress code is simple to follow and cost is kept to a minimum. With the exception of the school tie, and the school blazer for senior pupils, no item has a school logo. This means that plain black or white items can be bought in many stores, including supermarkets. I would very much appreciate the support of all parents and carers in ensuring that your child follows the dress code. There are two items in particular that I would draw your attention to: footwear should be plain black; and skirts should be of an appropriate length for school. Thank you.


Parental Engagement

We are very lucky at NBHS to have great support from parents and carers and we have a strong partnership with two groups: the Parent School Partnership (PSP) and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We have already held the AGM of our PSP, when twelve parents volunteered to be members and Niall Bradley was elected as the new Chair. All parents and carers are members fo the NBHS parent forum and, as such, are welcome to attend all PSP meetings. The next meeting is on Tuesday 2 October at 7.00 pm. The PTA AGM will be held on Thursday 20 September. If you don’t already do so, please consider following the PTA on Facebook. As well as providing information on PTA events and activities, the Facebook page often includes links to interesting articles on education topics. Definitely worth following!


Parking Around School

If you bring your child to school by car, or collect them at the end of the day, please can you do so away from the actual school building. I would respectfully ask that you do not park on the double yellow lines or in the disabled spaces in the school car park. Head teachers have been asked by ELC’s Senior Roads Officer to share the following information with parents and carers:


We want to again get the message out to parents/carers that parking on double yellow lines (and zigzag markings) around schools is a selfish and potential dangerous act for those already walking, scooting and  cycling to school. There are the obvious health benefits of more active travel modes for journeys to/from school. I do appreciate that a minority of people feel the need to bring their cars but we would like this to be  treated as a last resort. If they do need to drive we would prefer that they take some extra time for their journeys and park further away from schools on quieter streets or within designated parking places. To reiterate, for journeys to/from school, we would like to see driving to be regarded as a last resort for all who make this journey.


Careers Event

A major event in the school calendar is our Careers Event on Wednesday 26 September, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. This is a great opportunity to hear from representatives of many different professions, occupations and education institutions. The event is for pupils and their parents from all year groups – it’s never too early to start exploring possibilities for life beyond school. I hope many of you will be able to come along with your child.


September Weekend Holiday

School will be closed on Friday 14 and Monday 17 September. I wish everyone in our school community a relaxing long weekend.


Lauren Rodger, Head teacher


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