Google Sites for Language Courses

Hi everyone!

During the last 2 lockdowns, we have been working on developing google sites so that you have a good overview of our courses online. These sites are a great resource to help you:

  • revise the learning that you have been doing in class
  • support you with writing frames and help to complete essays and talking prep
  • offer online resources for further study
  • give you and overview of the grammar that you should know at each level of language

The links for the courses that we have completed are here:


S2 and S3 Spanish

N4/5 Spanish

Higher Spanish


S3 German

N4/5 German

Higher German


S1 French

We have still to finish setting up these sites for S2 French, S3 French, N4/5 French and Higher French. Once these are ready, we will share the links here. Please note that, due to the element of personalisation and choice in the AH courses, we have chosen not to create google sites for these. You may, however, find the Higher sites handy for grammar reminders.

We hope that you find these resources helpful and if you have any comments about them or requests for something that we haven’t added, please just let your teacher know and we’ll do what we can to provide this for you 🙂

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Making Space For Languages

Are you thinking of a future in languages? Do languages play a part in the future that you see for yourself? If so, please check out SCILT’s Making Space For Languages site!

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Calling all pupils interested in a Mandarin short course! (Deadline Fri 16th Oct)

Students of Chinese from Edinburgh University are offering a series of 6 online lessons in Mandarin and Chinese culture.
Days and times will be agreed between us and Edinburgh University, but there is scope for the lessons to take place during school time (so you would be excused from other lessons).
The online lessons will cover any aspect of language and culture that you are interested in.
If you want to make the most of this opportunity, please sign up by adding your name and tutor group to the poster on Miss Ritchie’s classroom door (ML2) by Fri 16th October (the start of the October break), or send an email directly to Miss Ritchie at
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SCILT Languages Lockdown Playlist

SCILT Languages Lockdown Playlist
Our ability to travel may be curtailed for the moment, but why not bring the world into your home and widen your language listening by boogying along to this fab playlist compiled by the Scottish Centre for Language Teaching?
If you feel inspired, why not make a tiktok of your dance routine and share it with us by emailing it to Miss Ritchie (…The best ones will be posted on the Modern Languages Blog (if you’re happy for me to do that)! 🙂
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Language Learning on Duolingo during Covid-19 school closure

Brighten your day with learning

More than ever, people are looking for ways to keep learning online. Wherever you’re learning right now, it’s important to stay motivated. Follow these tips to keep your language learning goals on track — and give you some extra motivation for the rest of your day.

It’s Duolingo time

Sticking to a routine helps you maintain a healthy learning habit. Pick a specific time to do a Duolingo lesson, like right when you wake up or during lunch, and you’ll remember to practice every day.

Keep your streak

Your streak is designed to keep you motivated. As your streak goes up, you know you’re making progress! Just find time for at least 1 lesson — that’s all you need to keep your streak going.

Follow your friends

Stay motivated along with your friends by following them on Duolingo! See their progress as they work toward their goals, and let their streak and XP totals inspire your own progress.

Choose a language to start learning

Spanish Spanish
French French
German German
Japanese Japanese
Italian Italian
Korean Korean
Chinese Chinese
Russian Russian
Portuguese Portuguese
Turkish Turkish
Dutch Dutch
Swedish Swedish
Irish Irish
Greek Greek
Hebrew Hebrew
Polish Polish
Norwegian Norwegian
Vietnamese Vietnamese
High Valyrian High Valyrian
Danish Danish
Romanian Romanian
Swahili Swahili
Klingon Klingon
Esperanto Esperanto
Hindi Hindi
Hungarian Hungarian
Welsh Welsh
Ukrainian Ukrainian
Czech Czech
Hawaiian Hawaiian
Indonesian Indonesian
Navajo Navajo
Arabic Arabic
Latin Latin
Scottish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic
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Famous Scot Quiz – St Andrew’s Day

To celebrate St Andrew’s Day, please feel free to have a go at this Famous Scots Quiz, made up by class 1C2.

You will find the clues on one pdf file and the answers on another.

Bonne Chance!

Miss R

191128 Famous Scot Quiz – QUESTIONS

191128 Famous Scot Quiz – ANSWERS


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German exchange – Deutsch Sprechen!

Hi everyone,

In 3 months’ time, we will be paying a visit to our German partners in beautiful Bavaria.

In order for us to get the most out of our trip in terms of language, I am posting all of the talking assessments that you would have done in S3 German. Please take time to go over these and challenge yourself to ask and answer the questions on each topic below. You will find a summary of all the cue-cards under “Overview of S3 German questions” and the other sheets provide help to break it down and learn the vocab.

I will be sharing these with Frau Theis from our partner school, Schmuttertal Gymnasium so that your host families know what kinds of questions you should be able to cope with. Speaking as much German as you can from the start will boost your confidence and help you to learn more, more quickly.

But don’t worry – the whole visit is not just one massive speaking test! There will be so much to discover and enjoy….I know you will love it!

Miss R

Overview of S3 German questions

1. KEY PHRASES FOR Introduction

2. KEY PHRASES FOR Familie und Beziehungen

3. KEY PHRASES FOR Where I live



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Vamos a cantar!

Here are the video and lyrics for the song we’re going to learn for the Spanish exchange this year….


No puedo vivir sin ti – music video

No Puedo vivir sin ti – lyrics and chords

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Heriot-Watt Multi-Lingual Debate

For those of you who would like to experience how a debate runs in a variety of languages, please check out the video footage of this year’s Multi-Lingual Debate at Heriot-Watt University.

The topic of the debate was “This house believes that the only way to save the oceans is to implement a complete ban on all use of single-use plastics.”

Although it seems like a straight-forward argument on the surface of things, the debate held many interesting arguments and is well worth a look.


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German Exchange – 28th March to 5th April 2019

During the last week of the second term, we welcomed our German exchange partners to North Berwick High School. Fourteen pupils (seven boys and seven girls) travelled to Scotland from Schmuttertal Gymnasium in Diedorf (ca. 1 hour from Munich in Bavaria). They were very warmly met!

Throughout the week of their stay, we visited Glasgow and Edinburgh. More locally, the whole S3 German class went with our guests on a trip to Torness power station. The German group also visited Seacliff Beach, Tantallon Castle and Glenkinchie Distillery.

Scottish and German pupils all got along very well, and there were even some tears on departure! We can’t wait to make our return visit in September and Miss Ritchie will be booking flights  for this soon.

Exchange trips are a wonderful way to experience a different way of life and to broaden your horizons in a very personal way. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to deepen languages skills, cultural understanding and to grow as a person. Thank you to everyone who participated in this first part of the exchange – whether you were hosting or making the effort to be part of the events.

You can read comments from our German visitors here (scroll down to the Poll Everywhere responses):

German Exchange 4 April 2019


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