Modern Languages: S3 DYW Careers Event

The first half of this term proved to be a very exciting time for the Modern Languages Department!

On 15th January, ten of our S3 pupils attended the SCILT/DYW Languages Business Brunch, held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. There, pupils heard from professionals from a wide range of industries about how their language skills have played a key role in helping them to develop their careers and businesses. In order to share our impressions of this event more widely, the pupils who participated kindly allowed me to film their short debrief, which can be seen here: (“2019 SCILT DYW Business Brunch Video”).

In order to extend this experience to all of our S3 pupils, the Modern Languages Department organised a Languages and Careers Mini-Conference, which took place on 7th February. We invited six speakers from a range of industries to speak to our S3 cohort and pupils attended two workshops to hear more closely from our guest speakers.

Grateful thanks go to Flora Elliott-Johnson (Digital Communications and Content Manager with Radio Lingua for Coffee Break Spanish), Bruce Walker (Investment Fund Manager), Gerry Duffy (Logistics Coordinator with Hyster Yale Group), Hannah Burrow (Language Services, Translation and Interpreting), Sandra Pardoe (Walking Tours in Edinburgh) and Susana Grillo (Founder and Manager of Wee Scotia Tours). Without your input, this event would not have been possible. Thank you!

The main message was that languages should be a key additional skill to add to your portfolio of qualifications before you leave school – regardless of which industry you will work in, languages can open doors in terms of jobs. Moreover, knowing at least one other language really enriches your life, as our former pupils Alexander Nicolson and Flora Elliott-Johnson attest.

To round off our event and share our findings with even more people, our fantastic Careers Advisor, Mick Burns, captured pupil feedback from our own mini-conference. We hope that you enjoy this snapshot and encourage you all to continue your languages journey, no matter what age you are nor how good you think you might be. After all, it’s good to talk!

For more information on Careers, please visit the Careers site at:

Languages 2019 Report for school FINAL

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