German exchange – Deutsch Sprechen!

Hi everyone,

In 3 months’ time, we will be paying a visit to our German partners in beautiful Bavaria.

In order for us to get the most out of our trip in terms of language, I am posting all of the talking assessments that you would have done in S3 German. Please take time to go over these and challenge yourself to ask and answer the questions on each topic below. You will find a summary of all the cue-cards under “Overview of S3 German questions” and the other sheets provide help to break it down and learn the vocab.

I will be sharing these with Frau Theis from our partner school, Schmuttertal Gymnasium so that your host families know what kinds of questions you should be able to cope with. Speaking as much German as you can from the start will boost your confidence and help you to learn more, more quickly.

But don’t worry – the whole visit is not just one massive speaking test! There will be so much to discover and enjoy….I know you will love it!

Miss R

Overview of S3 German questions

1. KEY PHRASES FOR Introduction

2. KEY PHRASES FOR Familie und Beziehungen

3. KEY PHRASES FOR Where I live



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