Language Learning on Duolingo during Covid-19 school closure

Brighten your day with learning

More than ever, people are looking for ways to keep learning online. Wherever you’re learning right now, it’s important to stay motivated. Follow these tips to keep your language learning goals on track — and give you some extra motivation for the rest of your day.

It’s Duolingo time

Sticking to a routine helps you maintain a healthy learning habit. Pick a specific time to do a Duolingo lesson, like right when you wake up or during lunch, and you’ll remember to practice every day.

Keep your streak

Your streak is designed to keep you motivated. As your streak goes up, you know you’re making progress! Just find time for at least 1 lesson — that’s all you need to keep your streak going.

Follow your friends

Stay motivated along with your friends by following them on Duolingo! See their progress as they work toward their goals, and let their streak and XP totals inspire your own progress.

Choose a language to start learning

Spanish Spanish
French French
German German
Japanese Japanese
Italian Italian
Korean Korean
Chinese Chinese
Russian Russian
Portuguese Portuguese
Turkish Turkish
Dutch Dutch
Swedish Swedish
Irish Irish
Greek Greek
Hebrew Hebrew
Polish Polish
Norwegian Norwegian
Vietnamese Vietnamese
High Valyrian High Valyrian
Danish Danish
Romanian Romanian
Swahili Swahili
Klingon Klingon
Esperanto Esperanto
Hindi Hindi
Hungarian Hungarian
Welsh Welsh
Ukrainian Ukrainian
Czech Czech
Hawaiian Hawaiian
Indonesian Indonesian
Navajo Navajo
Arabic Arabic
Latin Latin
Scottish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic
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