German Grammar

Here are a selection of downloadable resources to help you understand the rules of the language you are studying…and to help you learn to become more independent and creative in using your language skills! Please remember that also has an invaluable section devoted to grammar explanations too. If you would like to request information on sections that are not yet available here, please ask your teacher and we’ll see what we can do….

The Present Tense

The Present Tense – Irregular verbs

The Perfect Tense

The Future Tense

Word Order with “um…zu”

Word Order with “weil” and other conjunctions

50 common German verbs

The key to a quick understanding of spoken and written German is to understand the VERBS. Learning this table of common verbs, and their irregular forms, off by heart, will really boost your German:

German verbs table

German Verb Table – word doc



You’re never short of homework in the language learning game! Please use these documents to perfect, hone and polish your grasp of grammar. It will take the “stabilisers” off and let your ride your language bike like a freestyler!

German Present Tense Grammar Exercises

German Perfect Tense Grammar Exercises

Helpful sheets of Useful Vocab

Time Phrases Poster

Essential vocab for Higher – part 1


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