S4 German

Welcome to the National 4 and National 5 course! The course this year focuses on developing your knowledge and application of straightforward language at National 4 level, or of detailed language at National 5 level.

By the end of their Fourth Year, pupils will have completed all their coursework and unit assessments and will be heading into their final exams. Please see the link below for details of the course and assessments for Nat4 and Nat5.

Nat 4 Nat 5 Candidates Guide

A route map through N4 and N5 assessment s have been produced by Education Scotland. These can be accessed here: Route Map N4 Modern LanguagesRoute Map N5 Modern Languages

Also useful is the vocab pack from the Klasse2 and Klasse3 textbook series, publication details of which can be found under S3 German.

Finally, to practise the “unseen” bullet points (5&6) in the N5 Writing Paper, please download and use this excellent Bullet Point Randomiser. Many thanks to whoever created it! To stop the randomiser on a bullet point, play the powerpoint from the start and right-click on the screen with your mouse:

Unknown bullet point randomiser


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