S1 French

In S1, pupils study a range of topics, including:

– International focus, focusing on francophone countries all over the globe (nationalities, language, jobs, weather, present tense regular verbs (-ER verbs), the verbs “habiter” and “parler”)

– “Wha’s like us”, bringing the focus closer to home and developing the sense of being citizens in a global community. (Physical and character descriptions, stereotypes and their validity, the irregular present tense verbs “avoir and “etre”).

– New Year’s Resolutions, with the onus being on health, hobbies, food and well-being (hopefully the learning lasts longer than the “resolutions”!). (Vocab focus on sports, hobbies, food types, adjectives of health, the irregular present tense verb “faire”).

– Healthy environment and the place where we live (places in town, what you can do in town, extension of hobbies, directions in town, the present tense irregular verb “aller”).

We hope the S1 will thoroughly enjoy the range of activities and learning opportunities in these topics 🙂

Please click on the link below to download a list of the vocabulary that you need for each topic in S1. You will also find a brief grammar guide at the end of the document. Enjoy!

S1 French course booklet

Numbers 1-100 (phonetically)

Talking Class Tests

Here are the help-sheets for the end-of-topic class tests in S1 French:

KEY PHRASES international

KEY PHRASES FOR wha’s like us speaking

KEY PHRASES FOR les choristes speaking

KEY PHRASES for healthy living

KEY PHRASES FOR town speaking

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