S4 French

Welcome to the National 4 and National 5 course! The course this year focuses on developing your knowledge and application of straightforward language at National 4 level, or of detailed language at National 5 level.

By the end of their Fourth Year, pupils will have completed all their coursework and unit assessments and will be heading into their final exams. Please see the link below for details of the course and assessments for Nat4 and Nat5, as well as the National Parent Forum of Scotland helpsheet for Nat5.

Nat 4 Nat 5 Candidates Guide


Some useful vocab from the Metro Rouge textbook.

This GCSE French pack, which was kindly shared on the TES website, has almost everything you need to know to succeed at N5 and Higher French, including useful vocab and a verb tenses summary:
GCSE French Pack

In addition to this, pupils may find the following vocab packs very useful in preparing for their SPEAKING assessments, which take place in February of S4.

Family and Healthy Living

Freetime and Financing leisure

Vocab Education and Work

Vocab Wider World

For help with the Oral Exam in February/March of S4, please download this booklet: Nat 5 French Oral booklet

Also, to practise the “unseen” bullet points (5&6) in the N5 Writing Paper, please download and use this excellent Bullet Point Randomiser. Many thanks to whoever created it! To stop the randomiser on a bullet point, play the powerpoint from the start and right-click on the screen with your mouse:

Unknown bullet point randomiser


3 Responses to S4 French

  1. Lesley Aitkenhead says:

    Hello, please can you direct me to the vocabulary on job and future plans that Miss Ritchie refers to in her blog. As a parent I am trying to support my son Max to learn vocabulary that he is learning in class. thanks, Lesley

  2. Miss Ritchie says:

    Good morning Mrs Aitkenhead,
    If you download the Metro Rouge Textbook word document (which is hyperlinked at the top of this page), you will find the vocabulary on jobs and work experience listed under Module 4. Max also has a comprehensive booklet with support on how to apply for a job in French, which I gave him to take home before the October half-term break. I’m sure that if you access these resources you will find them most helpful.
    Kind regards,
    Miss Ritchie

  3. Rachael Adam says:

    hello,I was just going to go on to linguascope to do some revision but I can’t remember the username or password!could someone please tell me what it is?

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