S5/6 French

At present, S5s can choose to study National 5 or Higher French.

S6 pupils can choose either of these options or, if they have already completed Higher, they may choose to extend their skills further and study Advanced Higher French.

Regardless of the choices you make, here is some important information for you:

N4 and N5 Candidate Guide

CfE Higher Candidate Guide

CfE Advanced Higher Candidate Guide

CfE Higher Topics

CfE Advanced Higher Topics

Please use the vocab booklets below to support your home learning about the topics that we are covering in class, and to help with new phrases for your essay writing:

Lifestyles vocab

Home Area vocab

Writing -hobbies-help sheet

Les Etudes vocab

Partir en Vacances vocab

Phrases for a debate and meanings

Expressing Agreement / Disagreement in French

And for your oral exams, here is some more help:
H Fr Oral – Candidate’s Guide

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