Spanish Listening and Reading Skills Practice


You should select a short audio or video clip from the Internet. Play the clip at least three times and write a brief summary in Spanish (it needn’t be any longer than 50 words) with a vocabulary list of at least 10 words. These could be key words or they could be words that are new to you and had to be looked up.

It is easier to start with short news bulletins. Video clips are ideal as they are easier to understand. Start with shorter clips and then when you feel ready, you could choose a radio programme from the Radio station websites listed below.

Spanish News

Select language ‘español’ and then choose from a wide variety of News videos.

Follow the link to Video Noticias for three-minute news clips.

 Spanish TV channel websites:

Choose from the menu for the topic area you are interested in and then browse for video clips:

 For news, browse for videos at:

Click on the link to TV “en directo” (live) and you will be able to watch the channel on streaming video.

 For celebrity gossip….

Click on “Perfiles de Famosos”

 Spanish Radio on-line

Select a radio station from the list.

Easy listening music radio station for Spanish and English / American pop music.


Selection of the most important radio channels



Select an article which interests you,  read it carefully and select at least 10 new pieces of vocabulary to look up. The choice of topic area is limitless. The temptation may be to pick an article on fashion, but you should avoid doing this every week as they are not so easy to understand. It is a good idea to vary the topic area and to choose articles related to the syllabus topics so that you encounter a variety of vocabulary.

The best place to start is the BBC’s languages web-pages. Choose the “reportajes” link to find articles from the former “SemanarioInternet” with a variety of reading exercises. The articles are

archived into topic areas that relate to the AS and A level syllabus.

Some of them include audio clips so you can base your listening task on the same topic.

Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to all of the day’s news articles.

Spanish daily newspaper. The website gives you access to the day’s news articles although you may require a subscription to view the majority of the articles in full.

On-line Spanish daily news.

On-line Spanish daily news.

Spanish football website with related articles.

Spanish celebrity gossip magazine. Subscription required to view some of the articles. ( archive news) (sport)

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