Learning a language is just like learning a musical instrument, or developing your sports skills – it takes regular practice. Little and often is the key. So to help you develop your language skills in your own time, here are some top tips:

For vocabulary practice on a wide array of topics, go to www.linguascope.com. Work here is set at various levels (beginner for S1-S3, and intermediate for S3-S6). If you have just started a new topic at beginner level, challenge yourself to try the intermediate level games too!

An excellent resource for grammar is languagesonline. Focus on practising your present tense regular verbs and then work on one or two irregular verbs per session. Remember that getting really good at “avoir” and “etre” in French, “haben” and “sein” in German, and “ser”, “estar” and “haber” will help you with other tenses, like the perfect tense. Again, don’t limit yourself – go and explore and see what you can learn!

Finally, to keep your listening skills up to speed, go to BBC Ma France , BBC Mi Vida Loca, or BBC German. Alternatively, search for video clips that suit your own interests by going to BBC Classclips. There are also the BBC Bitesize revision pages for each language, which are very useful even if you have to use the GCSE page. Or you could switch your favourite DVD or console game to another language.

National Qualifications

In addition to this plethora of resources, you can also access the fabulous Scholar resource. This website requires you to log in using your Scottish Candidate Number and a unique password. If you do not have these, please see one of your teachers. The Scholar website is so useful because it has been created specifically to support Scottish N5, H and AH courses, including Modern Languages. Use it LOADS!! And don’t forget to practise using real past papers as these will give you experience of what your exams will be like. Find them using the SQA Past Paper finder.

There are lots of opportunities to expose yourself to another language…and to learn a new one. If you have a tip you’d like to share, please let us know.

Have fun!

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