Vocabulary Resources

In order to access a whole heap of useful vocabulary, we have a variety of resources for you on this blog, most of which is saved under the correct language and year group. For example, you will find a lot of vocab from the Metro Rouge textbook or N5 French under “S4 French”.

Here are a few more tips about where to find vocab to help with your active skills of Talking and Writing across all levels of study:

  • Check the blog for vocab under the course that you are studying. Higher German and Higher French, for example, both have vocab packs that relate to some of the topics and contexts we cover.
  • Access Linguascope.com (using the username and password to log in). In the “Intermediate” section of each language you will find wonderful, vocab-packed pdf files to help you as you prepare your essays and presentations.
  • This great website from Sanako (providers of our Digital PALE Listening Systems) are also worth a look – they are published in a variety of languages from a range of Scottish modern language textbooks: Sanako Vocab Resources
  • Also, use WordReference and Linguee to help you develop your own phrases and sentences. Do not blindly trust google translate – it is not your friend and will not help you to understand how to construct your own language!