Drama is a subject which allows students to develop both socially and personally.  It allows them to gain a greater awareness of self and others and to improve skills in communication, co-operation and relationships.  This course consists of written performance analysis, in-depth play study and practical performance.  It is an academically challenging course and will involve a large amount of independent study.

A high level in practical ability has to be combined with strong linguistic skills to achieve a pass at this level.  Students wishing to study this course should have the following:

1.         a good academic record including National 5 English at either an A or B pass

2.         been accepted on to the Higher English course;

3.         National 5 Drama at either an A or B pass

If no National 5 Drama has been undertaken, then students may be able to negotiate entry to this course with Miss Monaghan.

The Higher Drama course aims to provide students with the opportunity to:

  • investigate relationships, issues and topics
  • gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of theatre
  • develop acting and directing skills and contribute to a presentation
  • experience theatrical performance

The course consists of two units:

Drama Skills

The general aim of this Unit is to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and

understanding to create and present Drama through the use of complex drama skills.

Learners will respond to text, including stimuli, generate ideas and use complex drama

skills to portray character. They will explore the social and cultural influences on

drama and will learn how to analyse and evaluate their use of drama skills and the

drama skills of others.  


Production Skills

The general aim of this Unit is to provide learners with a knowledge and understanding

of complex production skills. They will use these skills to enhance Drama when

presenting. Learners will work with others in the following production areas: acting

and/or design and/or directing. They will learn how to evaluate their progress and that

of other learners.



The external assessment will comprise one question paper and a practical acting, directing or design examination.

The question paper accounts for 40% of the overall mark.  Section A accounts for 20 marks and will deal with the social, historical and/or theatrical contexts of a studied prescribed text.  Section B accounts for 20 marks and comprises a written analysis of a performance that the learner has seen.

Two practical examinations make up the remaining 60%.  These can be assessed on acting, directing or design skills.  50 marks out of a total of 60 will be gained for specialism in one of these areas with a support log making up the additional 10 marks.

NPA Acting and Performance

This course is designed as an alternative for students who wish to continue their performance studies, without the academic demands of Higher Drama, and will be assessed internally by the assigned teacher.  It is a great deal more practical than the Higher course and students will be expected to make a commitment to regular performances and associated rehearsals.

There are no official entry requirements for this course, although a passion for acting and prior Drama experience at either National 4 or 5 level would be of benefit.  Interested students must see Miss Monaghan regarding their suitability.

This course will be taught on a bi-level basis, alongside Higher Drama and comprises two compulsory units:

Drama: Theatre Skills in Performance

This very practical unit helps the student to develop an understanding of stage awareness, of stagecraft throughout the rehearsal process, of being able to take direction during rehearsal, how to develop a character to the requirements of the production, and cooperate with fellow performers and the production team effectively throughout the rehearsal process.

Professional Theatre in Context

Learners will be given the opportunity to attend a range of theatrical performances in order to enrich their understanding of theatre.

They will select two contrasting styles/genres of professional theatre and investigate the elements within these.  They will also explore the role of the theatre production team in creating a production and evaluate the effectiveness of two contrasting professional theatrical productions.


Internally assessed written reports and timed responses comprise the written part of this course and there will also be a number of practical assignments performed throughout the year.