Drama is a subject that allows pupils to develop both socially and personally. It allows pupils to gain a greater awareness of self and others and to improve skills in communication, co-operation and relationships. Pupils in S3 will develop skills that will prepare them for the S4 courses at National 4 and 5 as well as enabling them with a variety of transferable skills.

Pupils will focus on the following areas of skills development:


  • Devising – Pupils will explore a negotiated issue, topic or theme and devise a group performance
  • Directing – Pupils will each take responsibility for directing their peers within a devised scene
  • Characterisation – Pupils will explore a variety of performance skills in order to create fully believable characters



  • Pupils will analyse and explore a short text through production skills including:
    • Lights
    • Sound
    • Costume and Make-up
    • Set design
    • Props
    • Acting
    • Directing
    • Stage management
    • Pupils will present the extract displaying their skills in their chosen production role(s)



  • Pupils will be required to keep an on-going evaluative log of their process through the course assessing their strengths and areas for improvement along with all relevant supporting materials created throughout the course.
  • Pupils will also be expected to complete end of unit evaluations under controlled conditions