Choose a music tradition from one of the following places: – Africa, South America, India, and Indonesia, and create a two minute presentation which will be given to the class.

• Visual materials – any/all of the following:
Poster/diagram/pictures/drawings/photos/even real instruments if you have access to any!
• Responses to the following:-

1. My chosen country/continent is
2. Whereabouts it is
3. What is the climate like?
4. What language(s) is/are spoken there?
5. Introduce us to a piece of music from that tradition. Tell us:-

• Name of the piece
• Who performed it?
• What was the tempo (speed) of the piece?
• What was the mood of the music?
• Write down three more observations
• Do you like the music? Give your reasons.

• You may do a presentation with one or two others if you prefer but ensure all of you have a part to play in delivering the presentation
• You may prepare a powerpoint and use that for your presentation
• If there is another culture which interests you, see your music teacher. Maybe you can research the music of that country instead